A Selection of Our Recent Transactions:

The corporate lawyers at Cobalt Lawyers have over 10 years of experience in providing complex transactional services to its clients, who range from early-stage businesses to Profit 500 companies. We have provided our legal expertise in the following transactions

For the purchaser in two acquisitions (valued at more than 2MM) of two British online corporations specializing in applied sciences

For the purchaser, in the acquisition of a corporation specializing in the research and manufacture of environmentally sustainable consumer packaged products

For the purchaser in a commercial property acquisition of an amusement facility, valued at over 5MM.

For a software development company in the asset sale transaction to an American-based digital product design studio.

For the distributor of portable electronic devices used in the healthcare industry in the drafting and negotiation of a distribution agreement

For the issuer, an "Internet of Things" manufacturing company, in a corporate finance transaction to issue convertible debentures valued at .5 MM

For the company in the medical services industry in a series of internal share transfer transactions, valued at .6MM

For of a large Canadian server hosting company to negotiate a shareholder exit

For the acquirer of a Calgary-based consumer packaged goods company

For a real estate developer in the drafting of a purchase agreement of a mall complex held by a trust company

For the acquirer, a German entity, in the purchase of a consumer packaged goods company valued at 2MM

For an international financial institution for the negotiation of a software outsourcing agreement

For a high-profile Toronto fashion label that designs and supplies clothing to some of Canada's top musicians in the establishment of a corporate entity and on trademarking matters

For the initial investors in the establishment of a commercial real estate investment fund

For the purchaser in the acquisition of a nightclub valued under 1 MM.

For the purchaser in acquisition of a hair salon valued < .1MM

For the lender in several tranches of secured financings to an e-learning company

For the GP to establish a Limited Partnership with over .5 MM in venture capital assets

For a family to establish a Family Trust with assets of over 2.5 MM

For a lender for a series of loans with a principal amount of over 1.2 MM

For two foreign banks establishing banking operations in Canada.

For a fortune 500 software development company to prepare documentation for over a dozen projects with high profile clients

For the limited partners in a limited partnership with real estate assets of over 6.3 MM

For the purchaser in the acquisition of a jewelry business valued at 2MM

For various corporations engaging in corporate reorganizations for tax and estate-planning purposes

For the vendor of a retail food products business valued at <.5 MM

For the vendor for a C$8MM divestiture of shares in a Canadian e-commerce company

For a Canadian national venture capital fund on a C$.6 MM seed round of financing of a Y Combinator-funded technology company

For the issuer in a C$.7MM seed round investment into a technology company by a major Ontario seed stage investor (among others)

For the majority investor of the issuer on a C$2MM seed round of financing into a Canadian marketing technology company by a Canadian venture capital company.

For a technology company issuing approximately C$.3MM in debentures in a seed round to Canadian and U.S. angel investors

For the vendor in a divestiture of a BVI company's consulting firm subsidiary to an acquirer in Quebec for

For the purchaser in a C$5MM acquisition of a Quebec medical services company, simultaneous bank financing, and subsequent amalgamation

For the lender in the follow-on investment into a business featured on a popular Canadian TV show

For a US law firm in connection with their UK client's C$3MM investment into a Canadian technology company

For the issuer in a C$.2MM angel round financing in a home furnishings company

For the issuer in a C$1.5MM investment in a Canadian 3D graphics company

For the general partner in a C$.25MM private equity financing and structuring of a GP-LP agreement

For the acquirer of a C$.5 million technology company from a leading Canadian venture capital company and MaRS;

For the acquirer of a C$.6 million food processing business using an asset purchase agreement;

For a Canadian financial services company in a series of acquisitions to “roll up” small businesses in the same space (acquisition value < C$1 million in each case);

For a Canadian technology company engaged in a merger of equals with a company of the same size with a simultaneous financing from Canadian, New York, and Russian investors (by amalgamation into a newly formed entity, with a C$20 million value on the merged entities);

For a Canadian technology company in a series of acquisitions in circumstances of heated competition to “roll up” small businesses in the same space (acquisitions were a combination of asset purchase, share purchase and revenue sharing, acquisition value < C$1 million in each case);

For a Canadian sales consultancy in a management buy-out transaction;

For the investor on a C$.5 million private placement into an emerging privately-held WiMAX-based telecommunications company;

For the issuer in connection with a C$15 million private placement for a privately-held power development company;

For a venture capital investor who, together with a major U.S. microprocessor manufacturer, invested US$1.1 million into a technology company

For shareholders of various corporations for the settlement of shareholder disputes.